We were born in the molten embrace of Celem. His desire penetrated deep into the Rock. The minerals and gasses, locked away since before time, were awakened. They mixed and flashed and bubbled—until with a great blast they burst free. With wild ecstasy they flew around the sky, until weariness overcame them and they fell exhausted to the ground, cooled and took shape.

The shapes we first Celea took were sometimes frightful to behold. Many longed for the freedom of their earlier forms and cried out to Celem to set them free again.

But Celem was silent and stood far off; some say He was disgusted with his creation, some say His mind was occupied with desire for another conquest.

So we despaired of Celem’s help, and crawled along, wailing in agony.

In such a way we journeyed along—like the giant insects of the South.

In the cold hopeless journey some found they could cause small sparks or even flames by bumping into one another.

The heat caused us joy, gave us energy. Some found that with great force they could even alter their shape.

So we first Celea formed into groups, rocked and bumped each other—in patterns we created an intense heat—the first Celean dances.

These dances lasted for a long time—We experimented with altering our shapes, seeking the perfect form like a smith working a sword.

The dances continued feverishly, on and on, until some fell away dizzy and exhausted. They collapsed on the ground and fell to sleep—frozen in the shape they left the dance. Some were big, some small, some had short limbs and some were long.

The most zealous, passionate ones however continued to dance—such did they yearn to find for themselves the perfect form.

Then Celem disappeared altogether. He left the ground cold and dark. Even those still dancing froze in their forms.

Their dancing had paid off, however, and their shape was pleasing to everyone’s eye—the beautiful and alluring Celeani.

When Celem reappeared, his warmth caused those who had fallen asleep to waken. They beheld the work of the last dancers and immediately were overcome with a desire to look like them.

But the sparks they once were able to cause had gone forever. So they were frozen—the Sons and Daughters of Celem.

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