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Greedily Balwyn got to the nest, grabbing a hold for a glance at the goods within.

Gaal had blessed Balwyn bounteously, the nest was covered in bits of flesh—and two big eggs

Balwyn hurried to heal his hunger, consuming the pieces of flesh while holding an egg in his hands

Having eaten all the easy pieces of flesh, Balwyn then examined the egg, eager to feast fully

He shook it, then sharply tapped it, shuddering with pleasure as the shimmering contents shot out.

He drained the egg, drinking it to the dregs without spilling a drop, a smile of delight on his face.

But his pleasure was punctured by a piercing screech of pain from the sky and a form plummeting

With frightening speed it fell from the sky, fierce eyes blazing, claws ready for a fight.

Balwyn leapt aside just as it landed, looking for a loose branch to lift.

But the winged creature wasted no time and like a whip went for the warrior.

Overwhelmed, Balwyn’s only opportunity was to dive over the side of the nest

He jumped just as a jagged claw jabbed him, almost missing the ledge jutting out

Precariously he hung by one hand at that dizzy height, hoping the winged thing could not reach.

It circled a wide circuit, each cycle bringing it closer to where Balwyn clung.

Trying to lift his torso towards the nest, Balwyn made one tremendous effort

And for a long moment he arced through the air, arms stretched—reaching for the nest

His fingers brushed the bottom branches, but these would not bear his weight and broke.

Down Balwyn dropped, diving to get clear of the deadly pillar, despite knowing he could not survive

Balwyn gave thanks to Gaal for granting him the gift of such a glorious life

And asked—why did I overcome so many obstacles and odds, only to end on top of the water

Food for a fierce, flesh eating creature of flight?

No answer came, but neither did Balwyn near his nasty end, for the nimble creature had caught him

Violently it veered to decrease the velocity, its voice shrieking the delight of its victory.

Rapidly the creature rose, talons ripping Balwyn’s flesh, who remained too breathless to rally

In such a manner they made their way, migrating across the massive heavens, carried by a mighty wind

Until the unending horizon finally unveiled a unique land, unlike any other Balwyn had seen

Intense in color, infused with plant life, it was in all ways idyllic—filling Balwyn with a desire for life.

However the creature holding Balwyn captive had other ideas, swooping high, it let go of him.

Part 6 | Part 8