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Balwyn drew back and delivered a devastating blow, but it did not disable the creature

Balwyn jumped, just dodging the tentacle as it jerked and jammed, jolting the ground.

Quickly the creature quested for it quarry, who tried to quietly quit the cave

But no luck, though little light lanced down from the above, the only way lay through the tunnel.

Inch by inch, the creature advanced into the entrance, intent on finding its prey.

A bulbous eye broke the barrier of the water, bending to see Balwyn, who hid behind a pile of treasure.

The tentacle twisted and turned and wrapped Balwyn tightly.

Axe held by his hand, Balwyn attempted to hack, but the creature did not loosen its hold.

Down Balwyn descended to the gnashing jaws, dreading his death.

Into his peril Balwyn plunged pointing the axe at every possible place to make his last defense.

He gasped as the creature’s grasp grew tighter, grinding his guts and forcing him below

With neither sight nor knowledge, Balwyn knocked and kneed, knuckling his axe like a knife

Hot foamy water spewed in his face, the fearsome creature fixed upon his feast

Balwyn made the most of his last moment, moving the axe towards the creature’s mouth.

The axe arrived as the creature’s mouth attempted to shut, causing it to thrash in agony

Balwyn did not wait. Wiggling and writhing free, he went to the bottom of the watery hole

Crouching there he collected himself to carry out the course that would get him out of the cave.

With a mighty thrust, Balwyn threw himself through the water at the beast,

His hands hit the axe, driving it higher into the beast’s hated mouth.

The creature’s vile shriek made Balwyn shudder as he shoved and shoved the shaft of the axe.

Its tentacles flailed, beating Balwyn’s back, bashing and breaking everything in reach of the cave.

But Balwyn did not let go, for his life lasted only as long as the weapon lanced.

The mortal melee carried on, the creature made mad with pain, Balwyns muscles cracking with strain.

Finally the creature uttered an ugly hiss and used upturned tentacles to push under the water.

The powerful pushing pulled Balwyn along; He clung to the protruding axe and prayed to Gaal.

Explosively the creature emerged, entering the open water, excited to exact revenge.

Balwyn twisted and tilted the axe, then turned and trusted his chances to escape…

Part 6

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