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The powerful stream pushed him along, plunging him deeper and deeper, the Vilkai powerless to pursue

Caught in its grip, Balwyn grimly struggled to gain control a-gainst the stream, grabbing at anything

A nasty knock and he was no longer aware, a floating corpse for the flying Neskri to nibble

On and on his body floated, out to where only water wanders off to the horizon

Whether Gaal granted it, or Balwyn’s wonderous will worked, he woke up

Swam with strong strokes, though half stunned and sinking

He made it to massive rocks covered in mist, the last of his might spent on the movement

How long he was there, Gaal knows, the hungry Neskri hunting his wasted form

Just as they were about to jab him he jumped up, jubilant to join the living

But had fallen into a fever, was famished and far from his former strength—

So he established camp, explored the area, eating what looked edible and examining the coast

He came upon carvings, eery shapes appearing to crawl a-cross the cold slabs

Again and again Balwyn returned to gaze at the artistry

Puzzling the possible meanings of the pictures and what Power might have produced them.

Long he thought as his thin frame filled out, consuming the thriving life beneath the water.

Deciphering the carvings filled him with dangerous desire, driving him delirious in search of answers

All the while a heavy mist arched across the heavens, obscuring Gaal and all the lesser lights

Balwyn’s quest for answers to his questions ruined the quiet of his sleep with quivering qualms

Long he lay there, looking into the mist, lost for lacking the ability to leave this labyrinth.

Madness was near Balwyn who had nothing to eat, sitting nakedly next to the carvings, as if nailed

His hair matted, his head hung low, Balwyn had drifted into a dazed sleep when a change woke him

The sky shone with a vast array of shining sparkles—a brilliant patchwork of celestial lights, the Stars

For the fog had lifted, if only for a faltering moment, leaving Balwyn fixed upon the beautiful scene…

Part 4

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