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…Victorious Balwyn feasted, not knowing the vile Vilkai stared at the visitor from secret vantage places

The pack progressed, ready to pounce on their un protected prey,

Razor teeth ready to rip and tear, driven wild by the reek of roasted flesh

The host howled and hurried upon Balwyn, who hit at them helplessly without his axe.

All was not lost, for the Vilkai lunged longingly at the roasted beast, allowing Balwyn to grasp a lit log

Wielding this new weapon, Balwyn waved it with wide sweeps and a wild roar

Balwyn kept the killers back with kicks and a keen swipes of his fire kissed weapon

On and on they struggled, the Vilkai offered more opportunities with each onslaught

As the fire turned to ash, angelic Lôm peaked an arm at the tops of the trees

In the silver light Balwyn drew his skinning knife, swiping and slashing to sever the heads of the invaders.

Except the Vilkai escaped every attack, encircling the lone Balwyn for the end.

Recognizing he was beat, Balwyn broke past the beasts with a burst

Leaping for his life, Balwyn fled, the Vilkai pursuing lazily to see how long he would last.

They could trek tirelessly, taking their time to finish off worthy prey.

Balwyn ran and ran–Gaal rose and fell twice, the Vilkai pursued ready to rip at his heels

As soon as he stopped—So Balwyn sustained his steps

Pressing past exhaustion and piercing pain, when lesser beings would have perished

Finally the footrace was forced to finish, a mighty flood barred Balwyn

Winded and worn, Balwyn washed and waited for the pack to surround him and win

Diminished by the drastic distance, some of the dreaded Vilkai had disappeared—

Still many had made it, more than a match for the much-reduced warrior.

The creatures converged on courageous Balwyn, ready to claw and consume.

Hopeless Balwyn howled with a half-Vilkai heart and hurled himself

Into the water, icy depths instantly igniting a new pain in Balwyn as he went under…

Part 3

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