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Skara - The Blade Remains

Skara - The Blade Remains is a Free-to-Play competitive team-based melee combat game for up to 6 players set in a fantasy world. Skara is now available for PC on the Steam Store (download it here). Easy to learn, hard to master, only the best can be legendary, remembered forever in Skara lore. Will you be among the next Skara heroes?

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Skara - The Blade Remains has a rich Lore with all the stories that happened before the Cataclysm. But now it is the Time of the Two Suns, and Skara's future is dictated by player actions. Persistent Lore events introduce the best players of each culture as a character of a interactive, collaborative novel that will shape the future events in Skara. 

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Third person frenetic melee gameplay. Four cultures. Three game modes (Duel, Las Team Standing and Dominion). Check Skara's latest video:
Skara Open Alpha 0.702:01

Skara Open Alpha 0.7.0 Trailer

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